The ZfL publishes research results in a variety of formats (monographs, anthologies, essays). The ZfL currently has two special book series with Wallstein (Literatur- und Kulturforschung) and Kulturverlag Kadmos (LiteraturForschung). As a signatory of the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities, the ZfL and its library support free access to publicly funded research findings on the internet.

The search fields to the right make it easy to find ZfL publications using the author’s name or keywords.

The ZfL researchers are active on the advisory and editorial boards of renowned periodicals and academic book series.


The ZfL publishes research results in a variety of book formats from monographs to anthologies as well as in other formats like supplements or special issues of journals.

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Open access

The ZfL supports free access to publicly funded research findings on the internet and makes this research available to readers on the open access publication platform CompaRe.

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Our blog posts are written by colleagues working at the institute as well as by guest contributors from around the world.

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E-journal Interdisciplinary Conceptual History Forum

The ZfL publishes the open access e-journal Interdisciplinary Conceptual History Forum, featuring current debates in interdisciplinary conceptual history.

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Online publication Interjekte

The ZfL publishes Interjekte, an open access online publication series open to various topics and themes.

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(online anthology)

Online Anthology of the research project “Neighborhood in Contemporary Berlin Literature.”

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Current Publications

Lukas Pallitsch

Das Nachleben des Propheten Jeremia bei Stefan Zweig und Franz Werfel

Conditio Judaica vol. 99
De Gruyter, Berlin/Boston 2024, 461 pages
ISBN 978-3-111-34774-5 (Print); 978-3-111-34800-1 (PDF)
Eva Axer, Annika Hildebrandt, Kathrin Wittler (ed./eds.)

Schreibarten im Umbruch. Stildiskurse im 18. Jahrhundert
Beiheft zur Zeitschrift für deutsche Philologie

Erich Schmidt Verlag, Berlin 2024, 244 pages
ISBN 978-3-503-23787-6 (Print); 978-3-503-23788-3 (E-ISBN)
Ernst Müller, Barbara Picht, Falko Schmieder (ed./eds.)
with the collaboration of Mark Dang-Anh, Alexander Friedrich, Rüdiger Graf, and Stefan Scholl

Das 20. Jahrhundert in Grundbegriffen
Lexikon zur historischen Semantik in Deutschland

Schwabe Verlag, Basel 2024
DOI 10.31267/Grundbegriffe
Davor Beganović, Zrinka Božić, Andrea Milanko, Ivana Perica (ed./eds.)

Procedures of Resistance
Contents, Positions and the ‘Doings’ of Literary Theory

Palgrave Macmillan, London 2024, 373 pages
ISBN 978-3-031-49385-0 (Print); 978-3-031-49386-7 (PDF)
Riccardo Nicolosi, Matthias Schwartz (ed./eds.)

Jenseits der Nostalgie? Neuaneignungen des Spätsozialismus in osteuropäischen Gegenwartskulturen
Themenschwerpunkt des Wiener Slawistischen Almanachs

Vol. 90 (2023)
Peter Lang, Berlin 2024, 118 pages
ISBN 978-3-631-91729-9
Daniel Weidner

Rhetorik der Säkularisierung
Über eine Denkfigur der Moderne

Religion und Moderne
Campus, Frankfurt am Main 2024, 243 pages
ISBN 978-3-59-351831-2
Benjamin Kohlmann, Ivana Perica (ed./eds.)

The Political Uses of Literature
Global Perspectives and Theoretical Approaches, 1920–2020

Bloomsbury Academic, New York 2024, 312 pages
ISBN 978-15-01-39933-6 (Print); 978-15-01-39931-2 (PDF); 978-15-01-39932-9 (EPub)
Sandra Folie, Gianna Zocco (ed./eds.)

Sketches of Black Europe in African and African Diasporic Narratives
CompLit. Journal of European Literature, Arts and Society

n° 6
Classiques Garnier, Paris 2024, 257 pages
ISSN 2782-0874; ISBN 978-2-406-16075-5
Clemens Günther, Matthias Schwartz (ed./eds.)

Documentary Aesthetics in the Long 1960s in Eastern Europe and Beyond

Studies in Slavic Literature and Poetics vol. 67
Brill, Leiden 2024, 349 pages
ISBN 978-90-04-53309-7 (Print); 978-90-04-68642-7 (PDF)
Lutz Greisiger, Andrew Mein, Georges Tamer (ed./eds.)

Gog and Magog
Contributions toward a World History of an Apocalyptic Motif

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – Tension, Transmission, Transformation vol. 17
De Gruyter, Berlin/Boston 2023, 1091 pages
ISBN 978-3-1107-2015-0 (Print); 978-3-1107-2023-5 (PDF)
Benjamin Kohlmann, Ivana Perica (ed./eds.)

Peripheral Europes
Special Issue Critical Quarterly

Vol. 65, Issue 4
Wiley, Weinheim 2023, 104 pages
ISSN 0011-1562 (Print); 1467-8705 (online)
Kyung-Ho Cha

Der gute Staatsbürger
Die politische Ethik der Literatur 1789–1848

Wallstein, Göttingen 2023, 528 pages
ISBN 978-3-8353-5513-2